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ADVANCE | Drop Shape

from KRÜSS GmbH

Comprehensive wetting and adhesion analysis requires not only high-quality contact angle instruments, but also intelligent and flexible software. This is where ADVANCE enters the stage. Its intuitive, workflow-oriented user interface makes it easy to solve even complex tasks. It supports every degree of automization up to full software control of surface free energy (SFE) measurement, SFE mapping, or tilting experiments. Using our liquid needle dosing technique, ADVANCE even accesses the SFE of a surface within a second. With a large variety of fitting methods for shape analysis, all of the important models for calculating SFE and procedures for surface and interfacial tension, ADVANCE matches even the highest scientific standards. Features such as quick re-analysis of multiple results or an automatic video buffer for subsequent analysis make working with ADVANCE a unique user experience.

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about 3 years ago

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