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Vapes: What are you actually inhaling?

from Analytical Cannabis

Similar to ongoing investigations undertaken by the CDC, CannaSafe has tested the vaporized contents of vape cartridges and monitored the performance of the accompanying hardware in an effort to shed light on some of the unknowns related to what actually enters a consumer’s lungs. This testing was examined alongside the regulatory testing required under California Proposition 643 (approved at the ballot in 2016, in effect since January 1, 2018), which tests the final packaged units of products as sold/purchased in licensed cannabis dispensaries. The goal of this study is to bring information to the table about the state of vape products as they are inhaled.

Ini Afia, Executive Lab Director of CannaSafe presented his talk back in April at the Analytical Cannabis Online Expo 2020.

about 3 months ago

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