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from Analytical Technologies Limited

Analytical Technologies Limited UV spectrophotometr Have two detectors measure sample and raference
respectively and simultaneously for optimizing measurement
accuracy. They provide excellent performance for
measurements in range of 190 to 1100 nm. They are
suitable for pharmaceutical, bio chemical and clinical lab
applications as well as routine applications such as
Quantitative analyses, kinetics, wavelength scan, multiple
components and DNA/ Protein, PC Windows application
software make these instruments versatile, All instruments
as built in standard this eliminates the need of software.
to unlimited.
models has UV/VIS Analyst software. Stand alone
models have the same functions as UV series, see next
page for details.
Fixed or variable slits(bandwidths)
For stand alone models, all software mothods are included
Online software upgrade via internet helps to keep it
Date download to PC software expands the data storage
The stand alone models has 5 inch screen and the PC

about 2 years ago

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