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Using the ProteOn™ XPR36 to Characterize Human-Derived Monoclonal Antibodies Against Influenza Virus

from Bio-Rad Life Sciences

"For more information, visit Different strains of Influenza virus include a great diversity of antigenic proteins, often requiring annual vaccination for strain-specific protection. This webinar focuses on the use of the ProteOn XPR36 system to determine the cross-reactivity and binding kinetics of a panel of human-derived monoclonal antibodies against the H3 hemagglutinin protein in multiple Influenza strains. The ability to robustly measure the binding affinities of a panel of antibodies with numerous antigens using the ProteOn system is a powerful platform that is applicable to many experimental systems. It allows real-time comparison of multiple interactions on a single chip, and provides high throughput in obtaining the screening result. Presenter: Dr Lisa Scalfone, Postdoctoral Fellow Stanford University School of Medicine"

about 3 years ago

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