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Toward a Comprehensive Multi-Omic Analysis of Cannabis Plants

from Analytical Cannabis

Despite significant financial and scientific interest focused on the plants of the Cannabis genus, geographic regulations and historic stigma have seriously impacted the study of these organisms. Although genome sequencing data has appeared sporadically in public repositories and from crowd-funded initiatives these resources have remained incomplete and essentially inaccessible to the scientific community. In 2019, the Orsburn lab began work on creating a comprehensive draft map of all the proteins and small molecules produced by Cannabis plants. To date, we have identified approximately 17,000 proteins that appear to be produced by various plants as well as roughly 1,300 small molecules. In this talk, we will describe our progress toward a comprehensive multi-omic analysis and publicly available resource that incorporates the proteome, metabolome and in-house work to complete the genome resources currently available.

about 7 months ago

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