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The New H-Genie Hydrogen Generator for Chemists. Safe, Powerful, Smart Hydrogen Production

from ThalesNano Energy

The H-Genie™ is the first hydrogen generator designed specifically for chemistry with a pressure capability that is not close to being matched by other commercial generators. The H-Genie™ high pressure hydrogen generator works by generating hydrogen gas up to 4.0 purity from deionized water using a patented high-pressure electrolytic cell. The hydrogen gas is dried through a two-stage water separation system. The now dry hydrogen gas enters an internal mass flow controller (MFC), which controls precisely the flow rate of hydrogen out of the H-Genie™ between 100 and 1000 NmL/min at the required pressure (between 1 and 100 bar (14.5-1450 psi)). No compressor is necessary to generate this pressure. The H-Genie™ is designed to supply high purity hydrogen gas to the following chemistry hydrogenation vessels: • Hydrogen balloons • Autoclave or bomb reactors up to 100 bar (1450 psi) pressure. • Flow reactors up to 100 bar. Contact for more details.

about 8 months ago

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