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The Complete Guide to Antibody-drug Conjugates Bioanalysis

from Biotech Videos

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are complexes of a class of monoclonal antibodies that are covalently coupled to cytotoxic small molecule compounds through a linker for the treatment of malignant tumors. Monoclonal antibodies can target antigens that bind to the surface of tumor cells and enter the cell through cellular internalization. In cells, the structure of small molecule drugs in the lysosomal low pH environment or protease release and play a cytotoxic effect. Due to the targeting of monoclonal antibodies, the drug concentration in normal tissue cells is low. Therefore, compared with the traditional anti-tumor drugs, ADC system toxicity reduced. Bioanalysis is important for pharmacokinetic (PK) assays, PK / PD relationships, and safety evaluations during drug development. With the ADC research and development boom, ADC bioanalysis challenges are also highlighted.

about 2 years ago

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