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Studying cofactors with HDX-MS at the Univ. of Alabama | Behind the Science

from Waters Corporation

We're digging deep into biochemistry in this episode of #BehindtheScience! Jen visit Patrick Frantom at the University of Alabama, who's using hydrogen-deuterium exchange with mass spectrometry (HDX-MS, also known as HD exchange) to study cofactors. Cofactors are considered "helper molecules" that assist in biological chemical reactions; for example, some vitamins are cofactors. They determine how enzymes work at a molecular level. At the biological level, understanding cofactors is important to understanding health. Without proper cofactors, humans and other animals can develop serious diseases and even death. Patrick explains how he's using HDX-MS to study iron-sulfur cluster pathways, best known for their role in oxidation-reduction reactions.

More info about HDX at the University of Alabama's Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry:

More info about HDX-MS:

about 5 months ago

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