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Soluble T Cell Receptor (scTCR)

from Biotechnology11

Full-length TCR contains two variable and constant two domains (Vα-Cα and Vβ-Cβ domains) as well as transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains. The TCR is difficult to purify, because of its transmembrane nature. Similar to scFv of antibodies, a soluble scTCR molecule consists of only the TCR variable α region (Vα) and TCR variable β region (Vβ) joined by a flexible linker. TCR genes derived from murine or human T cell clones. The single chain TCR Fv framents are constructed in the Vα-L-Vβ or Vβ-L-Vα. The scTCR can be used for treatment of cancer, viral diseases, autoimmune diseases and so on.

about 1 year ago

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