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rabbit antibodies

from Biotechnology11

Creative Biolabs is a pioneer in recombinant monoclonal antibody development and manufacture. Specifically, we have a wide range of specific rabbit monoclonal antibody of high target variety to choose for our customer’s researches. Monoclonal antibodies are conventionally raised against mice. Applications of rabbit mAb are becoming increasingly attractive and popular. Due to the properties of rabbit’s immune system, the rabbit mAb are of a larger range of high affinity compared to mice. Also, more diverse epitope recognition and better immune response to smaller epitopes are available to rabbit mAb. In addition, rabbits are known to produce antibodies to many antigens that are not specifically immunogenic in mice. Taking into account the above advantages associated with rabbit monoclonal antibody, this kind of promising affinity binding agents will have a broader applications in scientific research, diagnosis, and even the field of therapy.

about 2 years ago

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