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ProteOn™ HTG Sensor Chip — Customer Tutorial with Momenta Pharmaceuticals

from Bio-Rad Life Sciences

"For more info, visit Learn how researchers at Momenta Pharmaceuticals use Bio-Rad's ProteOn XPR36 protein interaction array system and ProteOn HTG sensor chips for the analysis of histidine-tagged proteins and antibody interactions via surface plasmon resonance (SPR). Jay Duffner presents an explanation of SPR principles and their application in the XPR36 array for the simultaneous analysis of up to 36 molecular interactions, highlighting Bio-Rad's One-shot Kinetics™ technology. Duffner follows with an introduction to the ProteOn HTG sensor chip, its most important features for experimentalists, and its use in a case study: developing an assay for the measurement of interactions between histidine-tagged receptors and novel antibodies, focusing on method refinement and troubleshooting. He concludes with recommendations of best practices for researchers investigating the interactions of histidine-tagged proteins by SPR. Presenter: Jay Duffner Senior Scientist, Momenta Pharmaceuticals"

about 3 years ago

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