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Pouring LB Agar Plates

from Bio-Rad Life Sciences

"For more information, visit This video demonstrates how to pour the LB Agar plates for the pGLO Bacterial Transformation Kit activities. Using the pGLO Bacterial Transformation Kit, students can analyze the growth of bacteria on various media and examine the roles of external and internal factors in gene regulation. Bio-Rad's exclusive pGLO plasmid is constructed with the jellyfish gene that encodes green fluorescent protein (GFP), an antibiotic-resistance gene that encodes β-lactamase protein, and the araC gene, encoding a regulator protein that turns the GFP gene on and off. Bacteria transformed with pGLO plasmid are selected by ampicillin resistance; when induced to express GFP, the bugs glow fluorescent green under UV light. When students genetically reengineer bacteria with the genes from a bioluminescent jellyfish, they never forget the central mantra of molecular biology: DNA ⇒ RNA ⇒ Protein ⇒ Trait — Green Fluorescence"

about 2 years ago

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