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phage peptide library

from Biotechnology11

Empowered by extensive experience and well-established phage display technique platform, Creative Biolabs now brings out a comprehensive list of premade peptide libraries for various research programs. Over years, we have integrated multiple peptide libraries with varied lengths and properties to satisfy all kind of applications. Of note, we carry 3 good linear peptide libraries (9-mer, 16-mer, and 20-mer), which are based on the same true phage system as NEB Ph.D. peptide libraries. As validated by QC DNA sequencing, over 97% of randomly picked clones from these two libraries contained dsDNA inserts, with no stop codon, single nucleotide deletion or insertion or non-sense frame-shift mutation detected. Moreover, no Cys encoding codon was identified in the peptide library as designed. We also have another cyclic 9-mer peptide constructed using the same technical route. These random peptide libraries with such great quality and diversity can definitely make excellent tools for peptide agent discovery.

about 1 year ago

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