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PDQuest™ Software Tutorials — Editing Protein Spot Analysis

from Bio-Rad Life Sciences

"For more info, visit This tutorial explains how to manually edit protein spots on a 2-D electrophoresis gel image in Bio-Rad's PDQuest 2-D analysis software. The narrator discusses how to strategically add and/or remove spots to improve spot matching using the Edit Spot and Group Consensus tools. These tools can be used to remove gel defects and other artifacts from gel images and improve your spot-matching results. Spots can be optionally cancelled to exclude them from analysis and later restored to the data set. The spot matches in the edited gels can be easily visually compared across multiple gels, with ambiguous spots prominently marked. Matching anomalies can be located quickly using PDQuest's distinctive markers in the Group Consensus tool in order to clear detection and matching errors in protein spot matching, thereby improving your data quality."

about 3 years ago

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