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Particle Tracking Model Demonstration (nano-TiO2)

from ERDC Nano EHS

The USACE-CHL Particle Tracking Model (PTM) is used to predict transport of sediments in harbors and will be calibrated and parameterized to model the transport of (nano)materials to estimate environmental concentrations of nanoparticles from point sources (e.g., manufacturing discharges, weathering and release) and non-point discharges (e.g., spills, run-off). In this hypothetical scenario, TiO2 release from a catastrophic run-off event during construction of a marina using photocatalyic cement is modeled after a rain event (assuming no erosion controls). The video to the bottom left models TiO2 particle transport from two different point sources. The video to the bottom right models TiO2 concentrations.

about 3 years ago

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