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Optimizing sensitivity and specifity in the RT-QUiC assay


Davin M. Henderson (Colorado State University) and Carl Peters (BMG LABTECH) talked about how to optimize sensitivity and specifity in the RT- QUiC assay using BMG LABTECH plate readers. The webcast details the basics of optimizing sensitivity and specificity in the RT-QuIC assay with BMG plate readers to detect prions from diverse sources. The RT-QuIC assay is currently being used as a diagnosis in the clinical setting for CJD and has the potential to be a valuable screening tool for researchers looking at prions diseases of animals such as CWD, BSE and scrapie. The video covers the biochemical factors that influence sensitivity and reproducibility in the RT-QuIC assay. The most important factors are highlighted and a general screening method for proper reaction conditions are outlined. Multiple data display options will be detailed to present data in the most convincing way. By the end, you understand RT-QuIC reaction conditions, data display options and optimization for sensitivity and specificity.

about 2 years ago

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