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nSMOL – How Nano Technology and LC-MS Improved Speed and Accuracy of mAb Bioanalysis

from Shimadzu Analytical & Measuring

Bioanalysis or PK/PD information is fundamental in the development of mAbs, such as drug efficacy and toxicity. The ELISA method which is commonly used to measure drug concentration in blood has critical issues with the effectiveness and efficiency. LCMS overcomes the difficulties of the ELISA method with selectivity and sensitivity. To further simplify and streamline the LCMS workflow for antibody bioanalysis, Shimadzu developed an innovative nano-technology based nSMOLTM Antibody Bioanalysis platform for the selective proteolysis of the Fab region of antibody drugs to increase the detection sensitivity of surrogate peptides in CDR regions that can be accurately quantified via MRM measurements using a triple quadrupole high performance liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer.

about 2 years ago

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