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Novel Vertically-Integrated Platform for Discovery and Characterization of Lung Cancer Stem Cells


We have developed an approach to study intratumoral heterogeneity, and to uncover the molecular basis of aggressive tumor cell phenotypes.  Some tumor cell subsets in an individual tumor are more competent than others in forming tumors, or to metastasize, or to resist therapy.  Collectively, these properties have been attributed to 'cancer stem cells' or CSC.  We have developed novel processes and methods to extract CSC from clinical biospecimens, primarily culture them in vitro, and live-sort candidate CSC-subsets in order to jointly validate distinctive phenotypes and directly associate these properties with molecular signatures using OMICs.  This strategy will enable to both discover novel 'behavior-specific' therapeutic targets, as well as rational combinatorial approaches to treat cancer.

about 3 years ago

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