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Microbial Contaminants: A Comparison of New and Old Methods

from Analytical Cannabis

Microbial contamination testing of cannabis products is critically important. However, no standardized methods and different techniques leads to product variation on the market. Procedures for testing microbial impurities, including quantification of yeast, mold and aerobic bacteria are considerably different and affect the results dramatically. Fast turnaround times for testing are in demand and consequently, new products are being introduced promising rapid microbial testing by eliminating the incubation requirement. In this presentation we’ll explain the importance of microbial testing, specifically TYMC, TAMC, E. coli, Salmonella and mycotoxins. The different methods available for micro safety testing and mycotoxins, including traditional culture methods, RT-qPCR methods, immunoaffinity column chromatography, LC-MS/MS and ELISA will also be discussed. Finally, we will also review the costs, benefits and cruciality of the incubation step versus the new products that are being introduced. In this webinar we will be discussing: • Importance of microbial testing • Methods available for microbial and mycotoxin testing • The costs and benefits of traditional methods in comparison to new products

about 8 months ago

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