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英国Radleys-Mya 4自动化反应工作站 Mandarin - Mya 4 Reaction Station - from Radleys - Safe, unattended chemistry (demo) for China

from Radleys

英国Radleys品牌Mya 4是一款自动化反应工作站,具备4个可独立控制的反应位点,工作温度范围-30~180℃,为您的实验提供安全精确的加热、实时冷却、软件控制和数据记录功能,可用于进行24小时/7天无人值守的实验。

A 4-zone reaction station from Radleys, offering safe and precise heating, active cooling, software control and data-logging for 24/7 unattended chemistry.

Mya 4 Reaction Station
One reaction station with limitless possibilities

Discover the Mya 4 Reaction Station from Radleys:

• 4 independent temperature zones
• Magnetic and overhead stirring
• -30 °C to +180 °C
• 2 ml to 400 ml
• Software control

Impressed? You should be...

How could Mya 4 improve your chemistry?

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about 7 months ago

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