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Leveraging New Genome Assemblies for QTL Mapping and Gene Discovery

from Analytical Cannabis

The genomic/genetic information available for Cannabis increased 10X in 2018. This essential task was accomplished by using Next-Generation Sequencing techniques that produce 100’s of millions of data points to identify and study DNA differences among Cannabis varieties (strains). Therefore, we currently have a plethora of genotype information, but a serious lack of phenotype (expression) information. To discover the genes, and gene combinations responsible for chemical differences, we need high-quality phenotype data. Both types of data are combined to identify the gene(s) responsible for a chemical profile and potency, or other traits, such as pest resistance. Once we know the causative gene, we can “track” that gene in any Cannabis accession/variety/line/cultivar to make predictions and breed cultivars with a stable phenotype for consistent end products.

about 6 months ago

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