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Learn How CHT™ Media Can Maximize Purity and Recovery in Downstream Processing

from Bio-Rad Life Sciences

"For more information, visit This whiteboard animation video provides a brief introduction to Bio-Rad’s innovative mixed-mode chromatography media, CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite. The unique separation properties and selectivity of CHT Media enable you to maximize purity and recovery in a single step of downstream purification for the development of biotherapeutics. CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite is a versatile chromatography support used for the separation of biological molecules including polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, enzymes, nucleic acids, and membrane proteins. CHT is a spherical, macroporous form of hydroxyapatite. This mixed-mode support has functional groups consisting of pairs of positively charged crystal calcium ions, or C-sites, and clusters of six negatively charged oxygen atoms associated with triplets of crystal phosphates, or P-sites. Bio-Rad's innovative mixed-mode CHT Media offer unique separation properties and unparalleled selectivity and resolution for a variety of molecules. These media can be used at any stage in a process from initial capture to final polishing. Two types of CHT media are available in three particle sizes (20, 40, and 80 µm): • Type I has a higher protein binding capacity and better capacity for acidic proteins • Type II has a lower protein binding capacity but offers better resolution of nucleic acids and certain proteins; it also has a very low affinity for albumin and is particularly well-suited for the purification of many species and classes of immunoglobulins Bio-Rad Process Separations offers a full range of chromatography solutions for process-scale biomolecule purifications. Visit us on the Web to learn more."

about 3 years ago

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