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Immunoassay Development Webinar: Fast, Simple and Cost-effective Immunoassay Development

from Expedeon

This webinar provides a great overview of developing fast, simple and cost-effective immunoassays using the unique SPARCL proximity assay technology from Lumigen, a Beckman Coulter company, alongside highly stable HRP conjugates developed with Lightning-Link® labeling technology from Innova Biosciences.

This webinar covers:
1. An overview of SPARCL and Lightning-Link®
2. What is SPARCL?
3. How does SPARCL work?
4. Fast and easy Acridan labeling
5. Fast and easy Ab-HRP conjugation
6. An overview of Lightning-Link®
7. Traditional antibody conjugation vs Lightning-Link®
8. Considerations for antibody labeling

This video was produced by Innova Biosciences which is now fully integrated with Expedeon Ltd.
To find out more about the Lightning-Link® technology and product range, please visit:

about 2 years ago

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