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How to Use BioTek's Cell Count & Viability Application

from BioTek Instruments

The Cell Count & Viability App is designed to automate hemocytometer based counting of suspended mammalian cells using phase contrast imaging with BioTek imagers. Manual cell counting is tedious and prone to errors. Automating the cell counting process removes human error and increases data quality. The Cell Count & Viability App's intuitive interface is simple to use and requires no training. The app can analyze up to eight samples per run and automatically calculates the live/dead cell percentage. It also includes a calculator to determine how much sample and media are required to reach a desired cell concentration to facilitate downstream applications. This software app is part of BioTek’s Cell Count & Viability Starter Kit, which includes software, 50 disposable counting slides, a slide holder for up to 4 counting slides, and a 1.5mL vial of 0.4% Trypan blue. Click below to learn more.

about 6 months ago

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