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How to perform real-time, walk-away, cell health assays


Cell death is important for multicellular homeostasis but it also has an unfortunate role in human diseases. Discovery of targeted cytotoxic and cytoprotective agents is vital for treating cancer or neurodegeneration. Impairment of cell health and induction of cell death depend on the type of noxa, its dose and on the time a cell is exposed to it. In order to discover cytotoxic or cytoprotective events, it is indispensable to record the kinetics of cellular reactions.
Real-time assays are available from Promega that report on cell viability, cytotoxicity and cell death by apoptosis. This webinar covers considerations regarding the assay setup such as cell densities and controls that need to be included. It further answers how the CLARIOstar microplate reader with Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) maintains cell culture gas conditions and how it multiplexes the real-time assessment of apoptosis and necrosis.

about 2 years ago

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