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Getting a Successful Start in Hemp Extraction

from Analytical Cannabis

Research suggests that the U.S. market for hemp will reach $1.65 billion by 2021, a growth of over 500% in just four years. Concurrently, the hemp-based CBD products market is also growing fast and forecasted to reach at least $7.5 billion by 2024, according to Motley Fool. The remarkable growth in this sector is attracting many to the hemp industry - from experienced marijuana cultivators to those with no experience in cannabis. Hemp extraction is a complex process, and there are many important considerations to keep in mind from regulatory compliance to equipment selection. This presentation will explore the basic steps involved in starting a hemp extraction operation, and the critical measures to take in order for your operation to be successful. Learning Objectives: • Learn the important code considerations for safe and compliant facilities from licensed architects and engineers. • Understand why it’s often better to design hemp extraction facilities backwards: process, then building, then property location. • Explore different architectural considerations that go into the design process: High Hazard (Group H) Occupancy vs. Factory Industrial (Group F) Occupancy, code allowed maximum areas, maximum allowable quantities, control areas, and separation requirements. • Discuss engineering considerations, such as Class I Div 1 & Div 2 requirements, and the lesser known Class II and Class III requirements. • Dive into case studies that will give a peek into handling real-world scenarios when it comes to extraction challenges and opportunities.

about 7 months ago

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