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GaiaField-Pro Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

from Handheld Raman Spectrometer

GaiaField-Pro (GFP) camera provide extremely high resolution images by scanning and taking multiple images to construct a hyperspectral datacube. Hyperspectral imaging devices (GFP) for spatial (slit) scanning obtain slit spectra by projecting a strip of the scene onto a slit and dispersing the slit image with a prism or a grating. In spatial (slit) scanning, each two-dimensional (2-D) sensor output represents a full slit spectrum (x,λ). The NUC integrated into the system to control system operation ,data acquisition, and analyze, so the spatial dimension is collected through the scanning motor movement . The line-scan systems are particularly common in remote sensing, so it is sensible to use mobile platforms. The system can keep working by internal battery about 4 hours and user can use ipad or phone to connect the camera by internal Wifi.

about 4 weeks ago

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