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Enabling Process Intensification Using Modern Chromatography Resin

from Bio-Rad Life Sciences

"For more information, visit The large-scale production of biopharmaceuticals is continuing to evolve to meet the supply needs of the industry and ever-increasing demands for value from healthcare systems. Biopharmaceutical production professionals are actively exploring and implementing several techniques such as disposable manufacturing, process analytical technology, and quality by design to address these challenges. Concurrently, purification scientists are implementing new mixed-mode selectivity and high-capacity chromatography techniques to maximize overall process efficiency. In this webinar, we highlight several examples in which creative use of chromatography has produced tangible benefits such as fewer unit operations, reduced buffer consumption, and processes with much higher recoveries. Presenter: Carsten Voss, PhD Application Specialist, Bio-Rad Process Chromatography"

about 3 years ago

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