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Do I have to use an ion pairing reagent at low pH when analyzing bases? | Trust Your Science 12

from Waters Corporation

A scientist is having trouble with poor peak shape when analyzing basic peptides. Is there a mass spec friendly mobile phase? In liquid chromatography (LC), ion pairing reagents such as trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) have been used to reduce peak tailing for ionizable bases. When using LC with mass spectrometry (MS), a common issue with TFA is that this reagent competes in the MS source and reduces the signal response for the analyte(s) of interest. Low ionic strength acidic mobile phases such as formic acid are preferred for MS analysis, however, its peak shape is poor. In this episode of #TrustYourScience, we take a look at this peak shape phenomenon and investigate if you truly need an ion pairing reagent to analyze bases when using MS detection.

about 6 months ago

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