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Defining new standards for qPCR machines

from vimalchavda

Analytik Jena’s qTOWER3 range is defining higher standards for qPCR machines. These highly spec’d German manufactured qPCR thermal cyclers provide the reliability, performance and flexibility required by labs today. Don’t stay with the norm and take one step towards the qTOWER3 today by registering for a demo.

qTOWER3 – Defining new standards for qPCR machines.

Multiplex 6 genes at a time; Factory fit or retro fit up to six filters
Ultimate flexibility with a choice of twelve filters, for single dye or FRET chemistries and a filter for protein thermal shift assays.
Remove edge effects by exciting and reading every well via a fibre optic shuttle system and save money by using ROX free mastermixes (reads all channels across 96 wells in 6 secs)
10 year warranty on high-end optical components; 4x LEDs and 8x optical fibres are used within the patented optical system to ensure performance for many years to come
Reduce unspecific PCR amplification with a block homogeneity of +/- 0.1oC
Keep your existing qPCR plastics. A gold coated silver block can take 96 well plates, strips or tubes
Save bench space with an integrated 10” tablet
Intuitive license free software supports a wide range of analysis methods
Gradient block also available featuring a unique linear gradient for protocol optimisation
MIQE compliant

about 4 years ago

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