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comPILER: create assay plates direct from stored samples

from TTP Labtech

comPILER® is a high throughput, fully-automated, store-to-plate processing system compatible with TTP LabTech’s comPOUND® sample store. It provides compound management teams with the throughput to match the screening department’s demands. Only those library subsets required need to be selected for each screen, and each plate can be made up directly from primary stocks rather than cloned plates which have suffered uncontrolled exposure to the environment. comPILER arrays, thaws, centrifuges, decaps and gasses tubes before presenting them to a liquid handler for reformatting. Once plates are prepared, microtubes are returned to comPILER for recapping and storage - all without operator intervention. comPILER maintains sample integrity outside the store by filling each tube with inert argon gas to maintain the sample microenvironment.

about 6 years ago

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