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Color Spectrophotometer Demostration

from Analytical Technologies Limited

Color Spectrophotometer Demostration By Analytical technologies Limited.

Color spectrophotometer CS-3820N made by ATL is all-in-one spectrophotometer which can measure both reflectance and transmittance. It is widely used for many industries for surface color measurement of paint, plastic, master batches, pigment, textile, printing products, food, chemical and other kinds of materials.

Product Advantages
1.Transmittance and reflectance in one instrument
2.D/8 geometry, simultaneous SCl/SCE measurement
3.4 Testing Calibers
4.Double optical path spectrum analysis technology
5.High repeatability & high accuracy
6.Switchable SCI / SCE mode control
7.Automatic recognition of sample aperture size
8.Observing mirror for exact sample loading

Plastic Industry
Required to control colors in the products, ColorMate and ColorMaster software are widely used in
variety of industries, and provide easy and user-friendly operation and reliable data acquisition.
● Color measurement, Transmittance haze, Yellowness and Whiteness in the plastic industry
● Film, Resins, Plaques, Pellets, Molded samples, etc.
Textile Industry
● QC, Process control, Shade sorting, etc. as well as Color measurement in the textile industry
● Dyes, Fiber, Fabric, Clothes, Texture, etc.
Paper Industry
● Color, Brightness and Opacity of Paper & Pulp
Paint Industry
● QC, Process control, Color formulation In the paint industry
● Pigments, Dyes, Ink, etc.

about 1 year ago

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