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Cells in Double Emulsion Droplets

from Dolomite Microfluidics

Using microfluidics, one or many cells can be isolated, in a highly reproducible way, in monodisperse water droplets in oil (i.e. in water-in-oil micro-emulsions). The aqueous droplets may contain buffer solutions, reagents and in some cases, magnetic beads. The oil prevents diffusion between the droplets, which can function as discrete ‘micro-reactors’. In some applications, the aqueous droplets may be within an oil shell, i.e. in water-in-oil-in water double emulsions. This video briefly explains the two stage process of double emulsion production based on the application note which investigates a two-chip system for making 30µm double emulsion droplets, containing individual cells. To view the full application note visit: For further information about cell encapsulation please visit:

about 4 years ago

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