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Cell Imaging Simplified - the ZOE™ Fluorescent Cell Imager

from Bio-Rad Life Sciences

"For more info, visit The ZOE fluorescent cell imager features an integrated digital camera and touch-screen interface that makes brightfield and multichannel fluorescence microscopy simple, fast, and intuitive. An easy-to-use alternative to the traditional inverted microscope, ZOE eliminates the complexities of multichannel fluorescence imaging by combining the ease of use of a personal tablet and the power of an inverted microscope. Key features and benefits include: Simplified cell imaging – the intuitive touch-screen interface allows users to view cells, capture images, and create multi-channel merges Flexibiltiy – brightfield and three fluorescent channels enable use for routine cell culture applications as well as more sophisticated imaging applications Fluorescence at your bench – light shield permits fluorescence imaging in ambient light Robust construction – fully integrated system with long-life LEDs, ready for intensive daily use LED light sources – thousands of hours of illumination that are instantly ready after power on See more – the motorized stage and large field of view allow you to see more of your sample, faster Small footprint – compact size accommodates crowded lab benches"

about 3 years ago

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