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CAR T Immunotherapy

from Biotech Videos

The original CAR-T or the first-generation CAR consists of the intracellular domain from the CD3 ζ- chain and the primary transmitter of signals from endogenous TCRs, which showed success in pre-clinical trials and entered Phase I clinical trials in ovarian cancer, neuroblastoma and various types of leukemia and lymphoma. Although the anti-tumor activity was limited due to insufficient activation, persistence and homing to the cancer tissue, some significant effects indeed existed in patients with B-cell lymphoma treated with α-CD20-CD3 ζ CAR-modified T cells and some neuroblastoma treated with ScFv-CD3 ζ CAR-Ts. Here we select some of the classical literature in the field of chimeric antigen receptor technology. It is hoped that these reviews and research articles will help you to understand CAR technology quickly and keep up with the cutting edge development of this area.

about 2 years ago

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