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BioPharMoore Episode 2: SMARTening up on Protein Digestion

from Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry Solutions

Is it possible to have it all? Rapid, standardized, simple and highly reproducible digestion of complex biotherapeutic proteins is here! But why is this even important? Join Dr Rowan Moore as she SMARTens up on the latest protein digest protocols for UHPLC-MS based peptide mapping workflows. Speaking with product managers at the Thermo Fisher Scientific Chromatography and Consumables Center in the UK Rowan explores the new Thermo Scientific™ SMART Digest™ Kits, is given a demonstration of the latest revolution in biopharmaceutical protein digestion and discusses why the tools we use are so important in advancing the latest therapeutics. Come with us on a voyage of discovery! Never miss an episode, sign up now at For more information on our Peptide Mapping solutions visit Want to know more about SMART Digest Kits? Visit

about 1 year ago

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