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Automated Disintegration Tester - ERWEKA ZT 722

from Total Laboratory Services Ltd - ERWEKA UK

The ERWEKA ZT 720 disintegration testers are able to automatically determine the disintegration time of each sample by use of a unique system of magnets and sensors. They also test whether or not a sample completely disintegrates.

ZT 720 disintegration testers are available with 1 (ZT 721) or 2 (ZT 722) individually driven test stations, equipped with an integrated flow through heater. Its temperature sensor PT 100 allows constant control of the waterbath temperature. This disintegration tester is controlled through an innovative 7” touch screen and is capable of storing and retrieving up to 100 products/methods with results and parameters.

Select the basket type for your individual need: Basket type A comes with 6 test tubes for standard tablets, basket type B contains 3 test tubes for bigger tablets according to USP/EP standards.

about 3 years ago

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