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Anti-lymphocyte Tumor Mechanism of CD19-CART Cells

from Biotech Videos

Lymphoid malignancies include lymphocytic leukemia and lymphoma, which are tumors that occur on lymphocytes such as B cells, T cells, and NK cells. At present, there are many difficulties in its treatment, which are related to the recurrence and refractory of the diseases in the clinic. In the past 10 years, great progress has been made in the clinical treatment of lymphatic system tumors. Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies have been widely used in CD20-positive B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, and have achieved good results, becoming the first-line clinical application. However, since the cell surface of lymphoma and acute-chronic lymphocytic leukemia often has only CD19 antigen, an anti-CD20 antibody such as rituximab has no obvious therapeutic effect on it, therefore there is an urgent need for a new treatment method to improve the cure rate of lymphoma and acute and chronic lymphoma.

about 1 year ago

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