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Tecan Fluent™ - Adaptive Signal Technology™

from Tecan Group Ltd.

Tecan’s Adaptive Signal Technology is a new generation of capacitive liquid level sensing that does far more than just detect the liquid level in a microplate well; it can reliably distinguish between the true liquid level and bubbles, detect tip occlusions, prevent wells over-flowing, and offer new opportunities for in-process error handling.

Adaptive Signal Technology (AST) is based on the same principle as cLLD, with three significant improvements – refined split signal evaluation, adaptive threshold settings and aspiration monitoring. These enhancements offer superior sensitivity while reducing the risk of under- or over-sensitivity – as well as allowing intelligent, automated error handling – making liquid level detection:
• fundamentally robust – insensitive to interference;
• capable of detecting extremely small volumes;
• completely automated and intelligent, with no user adjustments required

This innovative technology is ideal for applications that require extreme reproducibility and reliability – such as when reagents are expensive or samples are precious – minimizing the risk of errors during aspiration and tip retraction. The enhanced process security provided by AST’s refined split signal evaluation and adaptive threshold settings enable multi-step, fail-safe liquid level detection and exception handling, offering complete peace of mind and ensuring compliance with the stringent regulatory guidelines faced by many laboratories.

about 5 years ago

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