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Setting Up the C6 Flow Cytometer®

from Technology Networks

The C6 Flow Cytometer is small and portable yet has the power to do your research. It can even be placed in a laminar flow hood. It is available, at your fingertips, anytime you need to check cell concentration, viability or phenotype. Think of the times when results from one experiment required rapid follow-up, yet you had no access to a flow cytometer for weeks. With a C6 Flow Cytometer in your lab, you can follow up quickly on your experimental results and move forward with your research. The C6 Flow Cytometer is a full-featured, affordable instrument that is accessible to everyone. High-quality components plus innovations enable Accuri to offer the C6 at a price that is affordable for most labs. The C6 Flow Cytometer is equipped with a blue and a red laser, two scatter detectors, and four fluorescence detectors with optical filters optimized for the detection of fluorochromes analogous to FITC, PE, PerCP and APC. The C6 Flow Cytometer fluidics system is nonpressurized so any brand of sample tube that is 12x75 mm or smaller can be used, including microfuge tubes. The combination of digital data collection and more than seven decades of dynamic range provides unrivaled flexibility in your data analysis. Gating strategies and fluorescence compensation values can be set before, during, or after, data collection. Data collected on a C6 Flow Cytometer can be re-analyzed at any time if gating or compensation adjustments are needed, or in light of new research findings.

about 9 years ago

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