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Powder dosing - the automatic and safe way with the programmable LAMBDA DOSER powder dosing system

from lambda-inst

The LAMBDA DOSER powder feeder and dispenser is a unique programmable pump for free-flowing solid substances. It allows the automatic or continuous addition of powders, powdery and crystalline substances without a spoon. This laboratory instrument, consisting of a dosing unit coupled to a digitally controlled stepping motor, allows the constant and reproducible dosing of solids. As the DOSER powder feeder offers different control options, it can also be used in automatically controlled processes. The LAMBDA DOSER solid feeder will modernize your laboratory and save your valuable time and add powders and powdery substances automatically, precisely and safely. The programmable powder dosing instrument is available with interchangeable 0.2 l and 1 l vessels. Silicon-coated vessels are also available. Find more information about the LAMBDA DOSER powder dispensing system on:

about 8 years ago

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