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Peristaltic pumps - quick and easy inserting of the tubing into the LAMBDA peristaltic pumps

from lambda-inst

Quick and easy tubing insertion into the small, precise and reliable LAMBDA peristaltic pumps: The LAMBDA peristaltic pumps (PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW and MAXIFLOW) have been developed particularly for fermentations and continuous cell culture processes lasting several weeks. LAMBDA peristaltic pumps combine exceptional properties and very compact size and thus safe your valuable bench space. A specially developed tubing compression system offers advantages in flow rate regularity and features long lifetime of the tubing, thus allowing for reliable results at lowest costs. They cover an extended flow rate range, are programmable and can be controlled remotely by analog or digital signals. Find more information about these exceptional peristaltic pumps at:

about 7 years ago

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