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Drug Discovery and CROs: A Journey Beyond Spreadsheets and Email



June 6, 2024

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  • Most contemporary drug discovery companies (Sponsors) outsource some (or all) drug development to external contract partners, e.g., Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Sponsors hope to gain access to deep expertise in new drug modalities and leverage cutting-edge technology by working with CROs. However, communication between Sponsor and Contract organization is largely done via email and poorly structured spreadsheet reports, which is a highly manual, inefficient, and error-prone process. Sponsors also experience challenges with prioritizing and communicating work, onboarding and offboarding CRO resources, tracking the status of outsourced projects, preserving intellectual property, and standardizing external data for downstream analytics. In order to accelerate ideas to INDs, Revvity Signals has developed Signals Synergy, a new CRO system-level expansion for Signals Notebook and Signals Research Suite that elevates data stewardship and enables organizations to gain more insight with less oversight as they leverage the deep expertise and cutting-edge technology at CROs.

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