Data Centricity and the FAIR Data Principles in Laboratory Informatics - CSols Summit 2024



May 6, 2024

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  • Application-centric approaches have dominated informatics for decades, resulting in ubiquitous data silos and an almost complete lack of data reusability. Data centricity offers another approach, supported by the FAIR Data Principles, that promises to help lower the barriers to data reuse, which is particularly important for laboratory data because it appears so early in the data value chain. In this session, Ted Slater introduced these concepts in the context of laboratory informatics. 2024 CSols Summit: The Next-gen Lab: Pioneering Tomorrow, Today The virtual summit focused on advancing labs into the future with current tools and emerging technologies. Experts explored how optimizing AI, data, simulations, analytics, and lab informatics can lead to enhanced daily operations. Attendees gained insights from speakers who have leveraged these technologies, providing inspiration for the future of labs and organizations. ------------------------------- ➥ WATCH MORE: ------------------------------- CSols Inc. is recognized as the premier Laboratory Informatics Consultancy in North America and has done so by earning and maintaining a reputation for excellence in everything we do. Through our team of informatics, domain, regulatory, and IT experts, we have been providing informatics (LIMS, ELN, SDMS, LES, and CDS) consulting services to the Life Sciences, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Mining, Agricultural, and Environmental industries for over two decades. CSols builds excellence into all our services including developing informatics strategy, implementing, enhancing, and validating informatics systems. For more information about CSols, its services and solutions, visit ➥ CONTACT US:


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