MixGenizer High Pressure High Shear Fluid Processor Homogenizer for Nanoparticles, Cell Disruption, Nanomaterials



April 18, 2024

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  • MixGenizer is a homogenizer designed especially for mixing and homogenizing the sample fluids from two or more inlet ports. Application: Nanodispersions, nanoemulsions and nanotube Cell disruption Micro/nanoencapsulation in polymers, liposomes and oils Solid dispersion and suspension, deagglomeration Performance: Energy efficient, 1/2 energy loss of the most homogenizers Small (integrated design delivers the light weight and small dimensions) Smart (programming control systems confer diligent functions: controlled inlet volume ± 0.1mL; auto stop with time/volume) Silent (noiseless performance) Strong (more than 100 mL/min at 30,000 psi) CE compliant and RoHS compliant Genizer offers laboratory and commercial scale high pressure homogenizers used in the production of micro- and nano-scale materials for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotech, chemical and diverse industries.

    BioengineeringBiopharmaCancer ResearchMicrofluidics

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