Rotavapor® R-80 System: Evaporation on the smallest footprint



April 15, 2024

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  • 🌟🚀New Product Alert: The Rotavapor® R-80 🌟🚀 Are you looking for an affordable and efficient evaporation solution? Meet the R-80, our new evaporation solution with the smallest footprint. The R-80 is an affordable and eco-friendly instrument, ensuring the most efficient use of lab space while meeting BUCHI’s high-quality standards. The R-80 maintains many advanced features that have become synonymous with the BUCHI brand but in a format that takes up less space, uses less energy, and puts less strain on budgets. The R-80 also presents itself as an affordable yet efficient solution for individuals and institutions that may not have the resources for larger models or those requiring a more compact and cost-effective solution. To assist in exploring the full capabilities of the R-80, Peter, one of our evaporation specialists, has prepared a valuable demonstration highlighting the new and improved R-80 features: 🎨 Compact design 🛠️ Easy to use and intuitive navigation control 🖥️ Adjustable user interface 🌱 Lower energy consumption 💚 Effortless operation 🌿 Eco-conscious cableless bath Are you ready to simplify your daily distillation?

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