Organoids in Industry: Disease Modeling Platforms to Accelerate Drug Discovery



February 1, 2024

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  • Organoids are miniature three-dimensional cellular structures derived from stem cells or tissue culture that have emerged as pivotal tools in industrial settings to advance drug discovery. This talk will explore the impact of organoids as disease modeling platforms and how our solutions can help introduce organoids into the pharmaceutical landscape by expediting drug development. Our organoids and kits have been evaluated through various application-based methodologies to ensure its function, cell phenotype, and electrophysiological activity to ensure its use for drug discovery. Organoids, resembling organ structures and functionality, have an unparalleled advantage in recapitulating human physiology that enables precise disease modeling. This is especially critical for drug screening, toxicity assessments, and personalized medicine strategies. Leveraging the capability to mimic human organ complexity and disease pathology, drug response and disease mechanism studies are more relevant when translating results from preclinical to the clinical stage and thus expediting the identification and validation of therapeutic compounds. With the reduction of costs and moral complexities associated with utilizing traditional animal models, organoids are also cost-effective. With its potential for personalized medicine to tailor treatments to the individual patient level, organoids are poised to be an integral factor in the next generation of drug discovery, accelerating the translation of research findings into clinically impactful therapies.

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