Multiple Biomarker Analysis made easy with Luminex Multiplex Applications



January 25, 2024

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  • Presenters: - Stephen Angeloni, PhD Sr. Field Application Scientist Luminex - Jacqueline Surls, PhD Director, LuminexPLORE Lab Luminex Originally presented at the 2023 Labroots Bioprocessing Virtual Event Series ABSTRACT As the use of engineered cells for the production of numerous research and clinical applications increases, the need to monitor multiple markers representing the stability and quality of the host cell line becomes important. In addition, if the cell lines are used for the generation and production of other biological products, the purity of these products need to be verified before being used for various research or clinical applications. For example, packaging cell lines needed to generate replication incompetent virus vectors for cell engineering and gene therapy applications, need to be monitored for their stability and maintenance of their genetic packaging constructs. In addition, viral vectors being used for clinical applications, need to be screened for multiple genetic or protein markers to determine their purity and functionality at different stages of the production process. Similar monitoring of engineered expression cell lines for various recombinant protein products can also be designed on the Luminex xMAP technology. For over 25 years, Luminex xMAP technology has been used for the development of multiplex genomic and proteomic applications to perform these types of biomarker applications. Learning Objectives: 1. Luminex is an open platform for the development of multiplex genomic and proteomic applications. 2. Luminex has a number of partners that make ready to use multiplex genomic and proteomic assays. 3. Luminex's multiplex assays can save time, sample, reagents and give more reliable results faster than single plex applications. Visit our website to learn more:

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