KMD Bioscience-Introduction peptide library construction



January 20, 2024

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  • KMD Bioscience is offering our expertise in the construction of phage display peptide libraries as a service for customers' research and development efforts. Based on the phage display platform, KMD Bioscience can construct a random 7-peptide library,12-peptide library, cyclic 7-peptide library, etc. Peptide library construction by phage display has become a major tool of medicine discovery to identify de novo peptide ligands and explore sequence space in proteins. Based on the phage display technology, KMD Bioscience can provide customers with high-quality screening services for a wide range of customized random peptide libraries and premade peptide libraries. KMD Bioscience is committed to providing high-quality services in peptide library construction, and can customize peptide libraries of various types and applications according to customers' needs. KMD Bioscience's premade peptide libraries and customized peptide library screening platforms provide beneficial tools for scientists. The application areas include: peptide library screening for drug discovery, peptide screening for biomarker discovery, and peptide library screening for vaccine development. Join KMD Bioscience on the forefront of biotechnological innovation. Explore the unparalleled possibilities that our service bring to your research, and let's together pave the way for a future of groundbreaking discoveries in immunology and translational medicine.For specific details, please consult the official website of KMD Bioscience:

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