KMD Bioscience-Introduction Protein Expression Platform



January 23, 2024

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  • KMD Bioscience has always listened to the needs of its customers and followed research trends. Up to now, KMD Bioscience has established a complete set of systems for protein expression, protein fermentation, protein testing and pilot-scale technology support. A recombinant protein is a manipulated form of the protein encoded by recombinant DNA, which has been cloned in an expression system to support the exogenous gene's expression. Protein expression is an essential part of modern industrial, medical and basic research. KMD Bioscience's protein services are closely aligned with research trends and we currently have four widely used expression systems: mammalian, bacterial (E.coli), yeast and insect cells. Supported by them, KMD Bioscience can offer comprehensive protein expression and purification services from small-scale to large-scale. Extensive experience in the expression of recombinant proteins (antibodies, enzymes, membrane proteins, cytokines, etc.) in a wide range of species guarantees your individual choices. Thanks to KMD's excellent experts, investing their time and passion, over 3,000 recombinant proteins are developed to better suit your needs. Customised solutions for various protein expression projects are available at KMD Bioscience. Our dedicated research teams with technical expertise expect your scientific progress and are ready to offer support. Join KMD Bioscience on the forefront of biotechnological innovation. Explore the unparalleled possibilities that our service bring to your research, and let's together pave the way for a future of groundbreaking discoveries in immunology and translational medicine.For specific details, please consult the official website of KMD Bioscience:

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